Frankfurt’s BigCityBeats is organising the party and has invited 20 clubbers representing all continents to the February 7 event.

The World Club Dome Zero Gravity party is being held on a modified Airbus A310, which helps European astronauts adapt to weightlessness. However, only 25 minutes of the 90 minute flight will be in zero gravity. Bernd Breiter, CEO of BigCityBeats, said: ‘Since we are doing a lot of things which are unique, everybody was asking me – when do you fly to the moon?

‘That will take awhile, if it’s possible. But we are coming a little bit closer. We have this vision, that maybe we can unite the whole world in the smallest club in the world.’ World renowned Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren and Los Angeles-based Steve Aoki will be providing the music during the party. The Local reported with crew, organisers, clubbers and European Space Agency astronauts Jean-Francois Clervoy and Pedro Duque, there will be a total of 55 people on the flight. . Van Buuren said: ‘Space travel is something I want to experience at least once.